Wednesday, April 28, 2010

...mad world...

the minute i saw you, my heart started to beat faster. lubb dubb lubb dubb. i looked around me and saw no one. i didn't know why but adam lambert's rendition of mad world just started playing in my head automatically. all around me are familiar faces... ( i know, it was weird for me too) you looked at me and my surroundings started to blur away. your eyes were that powerful, they melted everything around me.

then, you started running towards me, your velvety red dress gave you a coat of anger like emotion. i looked straight into your eyes but i couldn't keep up. my eyes were starting burn. i had no other choice but to close them. and then everything was black. the song also stopped playing.

when, it got too quiet i got scared. i was waiting for you to touch me so that the minute i open my eyes i could lock my lips with yours but there was no touch. nothing at all. i was confused and befuddled. you should have reached me by now i thought. and then i felt your fingers tracing the frame of my biceps. i brought my hand slowly to cup your face. i didn't open my eyes though for it wouldn't be romantic then. i felt your smooth face in my hands, and my finger found your luscious lips. i brought your face closer and then i kissed you. slowly, taking my time to savour every second of the moment. the song also started to play again.

then suddenly, out of nowhere ,as quick as lightning i felt something hit my face hard. it was like fire. i opened my eyes to find my indonesian servant girl crying and looking at me angrily. i looked around and realised that i was in my room, on my bed. kak siti got up quickly and ran out of the room. my hands took cover of my face for i was embarrassed of my action.

but then again, who could kak siti tell? mum hates her for not being as hard working as other servants. dad doesn't even bother to look at her. and to my advantage my sister is in America visiting grandma. think about it, i am the only one who will know about this. and the kiss wasn't that bad. kak siti is just about two years elder than me. i am sure she enjoyed it as well. uh-huh. time to go back to sleep again. well, that is the only place where i can find you. next time, don't wear red. it isn't your colour.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

won't you reply?...

the world has come to an end. everyone has either died or has fled the planet with a giant spaceship fit for thousands of dinosaurs. if only the technology was this advanced thousands of years ago, the dinosaurs would have just made it. the strong smell of pollution and blood oozed out of every crack in the almost coming down building. what could i have done? i am nothing compared to the power of the universe. what had to happen happened. and guess what...... i am actually glad that it happened. do you want to know why? of course you do. you are just like all of them. you just want to know everything even though it is none of your business.

when they were alive, they were all KILLERS. KILLERS, i tell you. they killed everything ranging from tiny ants right up to the largest of them all blue whale. not only were they guilty of murders, they also robbed the peace and harmony that once inhabited this world. but the crime that was the last strand that tore this world apart was the massacre of LOVE. the power that held the world together for all this years was near to be extinct.

prophecies were written even before mankind learned about science and technology. that in the era of dooms day, only one kind can survive and that kind was my kind. it was said that we (meaning my kind and i) will rule the earth until another generation of humans magically reappear on earth with a giant machine that can clean the earth in seconds ( between you and me, i don't think it is possible).

who would have thought that the creature that the humans were disgusted by will the ones to survive the apocalypse. what? what is that that you ask? what happened to all the other animals? well, they all died. when the asteroids came showering onto the earth, most of the animals couldn't take the heat and if the asteroids didn't kill them, then the tsunami and whirlwinds did. well, enough about the unlucky souls.

why i am telling you all this, you ask? first of all, i don't believe you are a human. from the large black screen of yours and the white frame, i figure that you are one of their inventions. you are a good friend though, you listen unlike other who don't. but then again, you are not responding so i might as well go back to my pile of clothes for it is getting really boring. well, here i go. waving my long antennae at you. i am really going to go. you sure you don't want to respond? fine, then. i fly to my pile of clothes. bye.

Monday, June 8, 2009


on a chilly night, when humans were too caught up in their dreamland, a shower of falling stars was taking place. the night would not have been different if not for the butterfly. it was dark blue, barely visible in the sky except for the huge white eyes on it's wings. it fluttered here and there through the dark thick woods. it had no sense of direction but it kept on flying. deep inside the woods, it could feel there was movement. a movement that was definitely human. it wondered what a human might be doing awake at this time.

she was walking gracefully, with her long velvety red gown coming right to her knees, in those killer heels. it was the night of her dreams, she was going to get married to the man she was in love with. sheena, with a huge grin painted on her face, twirled as she dreamt of her lover waiting on the other side. never in a thousand years would she have expected what was going to happen to her. her long curls were still wet from the bath she took. she was looking gorgeous indeed.

both of these beings did not notice that it was a night different from others. as the stars formed a ray of shine there was one which went astray. that star swivelled towards earth. it was small though, so small that it could fit in an adults palm. it came rushing down with fire bursting all over it; leaving a trace of flare in its path. oblivious to this, sheena and the butterfly just kept going towards each other.

sheena was walking very fast that she was scared the pace might break one of her heels. she noticed there was something white flying towards her. she struggled to see what it was. with squinted eyes, she tried her level best to outline the creature. as it came nearer, she felt heat over her head. she looked up and was shocked to see a ball of fire heading towards her. she screamed.

as the butterfly and sheena came into contact, there was something magical that happened. only the radiation from the ball of fire hit them for the real thing fell to the ground and turned to stone. there was a cacophony of colours all over them. both of them fused together creating a shine of glimmers. it was the most beautiful thing on earth.

that was the day imogene was born. it was not explainable in any way. eventually, sheena was looked for by her parents but there were rumours that she ran away with her lover that dealt with that. at first she was confused about being a fairy at day and a human at night. she was lost. she never wanted to go back to her old life as it would only bring her more trouble. she would be tested by scientists. she would become their experiment. that was the point where she decided that she would live a double life secretly without anyone knowing. but that took days though. the thinking, planning and deciding.

now, it has been almost 6 years. and she has learned how to live with her secret.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

agatha christie...

well, currently i am reading The Body in The Library by Agatha Christie and i tell you she is a wonderful writer. my school library has about 30 of her books or more and i have read almost 20 of them. last year i was addicted to her. i just could not stop reading her books but later on, i could guess the villain so i sort of stopped and went into Jodi Picoult. After the break, i am totally dumbfounded by her plot and the way she writes. she is truly the queen of crime.

i truly think the best book she has ever written is And Then There Were None. it was such a well crafted plot and OMG, it was just so intense and mysterious. seriously one of the best books in fiction. if you have not read it, awww, so sad. well you should.

the best thing about her is that, she could link every tiny detail with the story and then make it really really believable. amazing really, the way she does it is really a magic trick. i do not know...i mean seriously. her train of thoughts, wow......i am so impressed. sadly i don't own any of her books. i have searched though, in MPH and Popular but there was no trace of Agatha.

anyways, do you have any author that you personally like?? tell me about him or her.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Life of Imogene...

the rustling of spring leaves slapped me awake from my sleep of serenity.

“its day already?”

within a fragment of a second, i sprung back on to my heels. i ignored the essence of freshness lingering in the air. my eyes searched for any movement in the misty woods.

“at least no one saw me”

i closed my eyes, relieved that i remained as a myth. the morning air made my wings slowly creep out of their hide out, my back.

as my fragile treasures came out, i began to shrink to my original size. ahhhhh. my small slender self again. the well-coiffed bun that was my hair broke loose, and a sea of blond strands flooded in.

my long red skirt, wet from the drizzle yesterday night, swirled as i did a turn en pointe. i was glad that the secret i lived with had not been revealed.

it is not easy being me. in the day a fairy and at night a human. the life of a creature which doesn’t exist for the ever-so they say-filled minds of humans.

my wings fluttered into action and i felt a surge of excitement. i do it everyday but it is never the same. never boring. and never found out.

a smile flashed it’s way onto my face, as rays of the golden shimmering sun rushed past me. the sun, my day companion with whom i play hide and seek with. he is a very cunning player, though. he usually hides behind the clouds just to make me look harder. the word DULL is nonexistent in his dictionary. always radiant and cheerful.

i looked up at him. it must be hard for him too, i figured .in the day he is ‘the mighty Sun’ but at night he is just the moon. like me he has two personalities. two masks to wear. two faces. i wonder if it's as difficult for him as it is for me. an epiphany triggered from within me. i realised humans don't exist UP-THERE. it must be easy for him. he doesn't have to hide whereas i......
a shimmering ray focused on me. it was my shining moment. my body glimmered with glitter. that always happened. every time sunlight touches me i begin to shine a diamond's shine. clears out the question why i have to hide in the woods day time, doesn't it?

he wanted to play. i knew it. the way he focused his ray onto me. ahhh, he always does that.

“fine, lets play, ” i whispered.

i fluttered into the woods. The End.

Oops did i forget to introduce myself. Hi i am Imogene.

i guess i created this new character Imogene. and i will be writing fragments of her life in this blog. feel free to follow. this blog has officially been set aside for books and novels, and Life of Imogene.

Friday, April 24, 2009

what are you reading now???

sure i am too busy to read anything except short stories right now. so tell me, what are YOU reading??? anything interesting. any new author whom you found to be extremely good. any short stories you would recommend. i am looking for authors who can inspire me with their writing style (fiction, of course). so tell me, anything, k. i will be waiting......