Wednesday, April 28, 2010

...mad world...

the minute i saw you, my heart started to beat faster. lubb dubb lubb dubb. i looked around me and saw no one. i didn't know why but adam lambert's rendition of mad world just started playing in my head automatically. all around me are familiar faces... ( i know, it was weird for me too) you looked at me and my surroundings started to blur away. your eyes were that powerful, they melted everything around me.

then, you started running towards me, your velvety red dress gave you a coat of anger like emotion. i looked straight into your eyes but i couldn't keep up. my eyes were starting burn. i had no other choice but to close them. and then everything was black. the song also stopped playing.

when, it got too quiet i got scared. i was waiting for you to touch me so that the minute i open my eyes i could lock my lips with yours but there was no touch. nothing at all. i was confused and befuddled. you should have reached me by now i thought. and then i felt your fingers tracing the frame of my biceps. i brought my hand slowly to cup your face. i didn't open my eyes though for it wouldn't be romantic then. i felt your smooth face in my hands, and my finger found your luscious lips. i brought your face closer and then i kissed you. slowly, taking my time to savour every second of the moment. the song also started to play again.

then suddenly, out of nowhere ,as quick as lightning i felt something hit my face hard. it was like fire. i opened my eyes to find my indonesian servant girl crying and looking at me angrily. i looked around and realised that i was in my room, on my bed. kak siti got up quickly and ran out of the room. my hands took cover of my face for i was embarrassed of my action.

but then again, who could kak siti tell? mum hates her for not being as hard working as other servants. dad doesn't even bother to look at her. and to my advantage my sister is in America visiting grandma. think about it, i am the only one who will know about this. and the kiss wasn't that bad. kak siti is just about two years elder than me. i am sure she enjoyed it as well. uh-huh. time to go back to sleep again. well, that is the only place where i can find you. next time, don't wear red. it isn't your colour.


K.P. Fern said...

don't tell me you actually did that. >< haha.

Aravin said... was fiction. dunno started off sth else and ended up as sth else...hahahahahah