Monday, June 8, 2009


on a chilly night, when humans were too caught up in their dreamland, a shower of falling stars was taking place. the night would not have been different if not for the butterfly. it was dark blue, barely visible in the sky except for the huge white eyes on it's wings. it fluttered here and there through the dark thick woods. it had no sense of direction but it kept on flying. deep inside the woods, it could feel there was movement. a movement that was definitely human. it wondered what a human might be doing awake at this time.

she was walking gracefully, with her long velvety red gown coming right to her knees, in those killer heels. it was the night of her dreams, she was going to get married to the man she was in love with. sheena, with a huge grin painted on her face, twirled as she dreamt of her lover waiting on the other side. never in a thousand years would she have expected what was going to happen to her. her long curls were still wet from the bath she took. she was looking gorgeous indeed.

both of these beings did not notice that it was a night different from others. as the stars formed a ray of shine there was one which went astray. that star swivelled towards earth. it was small though, so small that it could fit in an adults palm. it came rushing down with fire bursting all over it; leaving a trace of flare in its path. oblivious to this, sheena and the butterfly just kept going towards each other.

sheena was walking very fast that she was scared the pace might break one of her heels. she noticed there was something white flying towards her. she struggled to see what it was. with squinted eyes, she tried her level best to outline the creature. as it came nearer, she felt heat over her head. she looked up and was shocked to see a ball of fire heading towards her. she screamed.

as the butterfly and sheena came into contact, there was something magical that happened. only the radiation from the ball of fire hit them for the real thing fell to the ground and turned to stone. there was a cacophony of colours all over them. both of them fused together creating a shine of glimmers. it was the most beautiful thing on earth.

that was the day imogene was born. it was not explainable in any way. eventually, sheena was looked for by her parents but there were rumours that she ran away with her lover that dealt with that. at first she was confused about being a fairy at day and a human at night. she was lost. she never wanted to go back to her old life as it would only bring her more trouble. she would be tested by scientists. she would become their experiment. that was the point where she decided that she would live a double life secretly without anyone knowing. but that took days though. the thinking, planning and deciding.

now, it has been almost 6 years. and she has learned how to live with her secret.

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